How Do You Use A Wine Aerator?

How you use a wine aerator largely depends on the kind of aerator you have. As it is right now, there are three types available in the market: handheld, pourer, and automated.

A handheld aerator is a filter on top and a funnel below. Using it is fairly straightforward.Place the glass on a surface. Put the aerator over it, taking care so that the nozzle where the wine comes out is in the center. Next, pour the wine but don’t do it quick. The filter should only be half fill as you are pouring.

With a pourer type aerator, you insert one end to the opening of the wine bottle and pour the wine, which will come out through a plastic or metal snout. You pour the wine as you normally do if you weren’t using an aerator.

Some aerators have a stopper or a twist-top cap so you don’t need to remove them when you are doing pouring. If your aerator does not have this kind of feature, though, remove it, clean it and save it for the next wine session.

With an automated aerator, you place a straw insert into the bottle and snap the faucet head or similar feature into place at the bottle opening. You just open the faucet head and enjoy.

If you think using a wine aerator is pretty simple, it is. The only thing you need to be careful of is closing the wine bottle after you are done. And of course, there is the matter of following the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

If you search for it online, you will see that there are many aerator brands out there that you can choose from. Each type of aerator has many different brands.

While they do more of the same, that is, to aerate the wine, the fact is that there are products that are easier to use and do a much better job of aeration.

If you have yet to buy your own aerator, make sure to take a look at the different products and see which ones are worth your time. Read the reviews and star rating. An average of (at least) is almost always a good bet as on at least ten reviews.

How much do wine aerators cost? They are cheap and the pourers typically cost less than $20. We even saw items costing less than $15. This is hardly surprising since wine pourer aerators are basically just tube inserts.

Automated aerators, though, are another story and they cost at least $50. Again, no surprise here as they are also electric. We just don’t know if the price of point has a direct effect on how well an aerator affects the wine’s taste.

If you are like most people, you are likely wondering about wine aeration and why people do it. It is done to open the flavors of the wine. It’s also done to remove the unwanted smells and tastes that don’t belong to the wine.